Sharing is Caring


I’m a giver. Well, more of a sharer. I enjoy being able to share good stuff with people.

Yesterday, Drinking Buddy and I ventured out for some adult beverages and snacks. Our first stop – as always – was Murphy’s. Elysian Brewery was having a Tap Takeover, and we took that as an opportunity to taste some new beers. We settled on the Dayglow IPA because, well I’m an IPA nut.

It was yummy. Very orange in color (hence the name,) lightly bitter, with a delicate citrus taste. Elysian says is has pineapple and tropical fruit flavors. I don’t know if I’d go that far.

Later, we were in Quinn’s and noticed they had Dayglow on tap there too. Guy walks in and sits at the table next to us; he asks the bartender what’s new. (Here is where the “sharing” part comes in.) I helpfully recommend the Dayglow. He gratefully accepts my suggestion (as I’m sure everyone does.) He enjoys said new beer. You’re welcome, neighbor.

So, next time you’re trying to make a decision about something and a random stranger offers their opinion, you may want to consider taking it. You just might find a new favorite…


Inn or Out?


I love me some daytime drinking, especially during the week. Well, also on the weekend. Anytime, I guess! I’ll summon my Drinking Buddy, and we’ll wander 2nd Street, enjoying some adult beverages and snacks. Grabbing tables outside where we can.

Lately, for some reason, I have become kind of obsessed with Acapulco Inn. Let me tell you about this place. There are pool tables and a shuffleboard game (I think) and some digital sports games. I have played pool there once, a loooong time ago when Mr. Man and I started dating. They have a jukebox. They serve some kind of food. I do not go there for any of these things.

I like to go there because they have awesome picnic tables outside. Nothing like enjoying a frosty brew (they don’t serve hard liquor,) at a picnic table in the sunshine. It’s great people-watching and completely low-key. Some might even label A.I. as a dive bar. I don’t know. I don’t care.

So, I have taken to dragging Drinking Buddy there just about every time we go out now. Usually just for one beer, then we’re off to the next place. But I get in my sunshine and beer fix. I actually hope I *haven’t* convinced you that you want to go here, because I want to make sure I can always score a picnic table…

Special Olympics in BS


Most of you probably already know that the 2015 Special Olympics World Games are happening in LA. But did you know that Long Beach gets to participate in the fun, too?! Some events are taking place at Alamitos Beach and Marine Stadium, but also in Belmont Shore!

All this week, the sailing competitions are being held off of the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier.

The 65,000 athletes who represent 165 countries are participating in what will be the largest sports and humanitarian event of the year. And it’s happening right here in our own back yard!

Through the power of sport, Special Olympics strives to create a better world by fostering the acceptance and inclusion of all people. Now that is an idea livingtheBS believes in strongly.

So walk or ride your bike over to the pier, and show some support and encouragement to these great athletes. I have just enough time to grab a bite for lunch, then head over for the afternoon competition..

Secret Garden


I love all of the little urban gardens scattered throughout the neighborhood. I’ll be just taking a walk, and suddenly, a sunflower will pop out at me to say hello. Or a citrus tree with fruit so plump and juicy, its hard to resist. Any scant patch of grass or dirt has potential. A row of pots lined up on a balcony railing filled with vines that cascade down like waterfalls. A haphazard collection of containers bursting with fresh herbs. A planter box along the sidewalk brimming with brightly colored blossoms. A small square of earth laden with shades of green. Flowers, plants, vegetables, even grasses.

I love that people take the time to share their talent and all of this beauty. But I have to wonder if they do it for themselves, just to brighten up their home? Just to enjoy their hobby? Or for people like me who wander by and admire these small parcels?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. I enjoy these diminutive oases and will continue to let them surprise me…

Comedy of Errors


Mr. Man and I decided to head out today for a little Sunday Funday. Since we knew adult beverages were going to be involved, we decided it would be best to take public transportation. It was a beautiful day, so why not hit up the water taxi to take us over to Shoreline Village?

We walked over to Belmont Pier, only to find that the Aquilink was out of service this week. Bummed, but still wanting to go out, we decided just to hop on the bus. This meant first stopping in Von’s Market to buy something so we could get change. Then waiting 20 minutes for the next bus to come by.

We’re on the bus, debating which stop we need to get off. After not getting off the one I thought we should, we hopped off at the next stop. Then, we needed to get on the (free) Passport. There was a stop across the street, but we weren’t sure in which direction it was heading, as we didn’t get off on our usual stop. So, we walked over to the Passport stop, only to find out that was no longer in service. Sheesh! At this point, we decided just to walk down Pine Ave. to Shoreline Village. I felt like a couple of idiots.

We had a lovely day away from BS. Shoreline Village was pretty crowded, but it’s always a great place to go for a walk and lunch by the water. And, we maneuvered the bus routes on the way home like a couple of pros. Still looking forward to getting out on the water for a little boat ride, though. Maybe next weekend…



I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can….. oh, sorry. That song always gets stuck in my head when people are talking about the appropriateness of wearing eyewear.

I came across this little comic on Facebook; I think it was from lifehacker. At first, I just kind of chuckled at it. But I never really thought about proper sunglass etiquette. I am “supposed” to wear my sunglasses at all times when I am outside. I rarely do. When I remember to, they usually just end up on top of my head, and stay there whether I am inside or outside. According to this Always/Sometimes/Never matrix, that is a faux pas. It’s OK for me to put them on top of my head if I’m outside, but I guess I’m supposed to take them off my head and put them away somewhere when I go into a building. Sheesh. Really?!

I do, however, highly approve of the “Never” category. Especially the first two sketches.

Sunglasses are a fun accessory. Wear ’em. Don’t wear ’em. Whatever. I’m heading outside. Now, where did I put those  things…?

Power On!


OK, remember that huge power outage downtown last week? It lasted like 3-4 days. Well, a lot of businesses suffered financial losses during that time, and their employees also suffered loss of wages. So, this weekend, The City of Long Beach and The Downtown Long Beach Business Associates are partnering together to show city-wide support for the downtown neighborhood with Black(out) Friday.

All DTLB parking meters will be turned off for the weekend. This free parking encourages our community to go downtown and support the local businesses. And, to kick off the weekend, Summer and Music (SAM) is hosting a Bicycle Drive-In on Friday (today) night. It’s FREE! They will be showing The Wizard of Oz, with live music and craft beer (and y’all know my propensity for craft beer!) Plus, if you enjoy a staycation as much as I do, you will be happy to know that the Renaissance Hotel and Hotel Maya are both offering deals for locals this weekend, too!

So, I’ll be venturing away from the BS to show some love to those downtown peeps. Neighbors should all support each other. You never know when you may need someone to help you out…

Bike Path on the Beach


Although it was still pretty hot today, I feel like the humidity was a bit lower, making a short bike ride seem tolerable. I enjoy the bike path on the beach, officially titled the “Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath” (I had to look that one up.) It runs from 54th Place – right at the end of BS before the Peninsula – and goes aaall the way out to the Long Beach Shoreline Marina. You’ll get a nice view of the Queen Mary if you go all the way to the end. I think it’s about 4.3 miles, according to the app I use.

They have recently expanded the Pedestrian Bikepath. There is now a new 5-foot wide lane for pedestrians, and two 6-foot wide lanes for wheels (bikes, blades, boards) that run in each direction. I really like the updated path, for both walking and biking. Sometimes, you get those darn tourists out on the bike path that aren’t paying attention, and it’s all it takes not to run one over! The new pedestrian lane helps corral them in the walking side.

So, were you paying attention to what you were reading? I said I went for a “short” bike ride today. Not all the way to the end. Just enough to clear out the cobwebs and make myself feel good for doing something “healthy” today. It’s always great to get out for a ride along the beach, no matter how short or how long it is. But, one may find – if one chooses to think like me – that a ride aaall the way out to the end should be rewarded with a cold adult beverage, before the return trip. A frosty brew at one of the establishments at Shoreline Village always hits the spot! In fact, I don’t think we have any plans this weekend. Maybe another bike ride is in my near future…

Movie Night!


Remember when you were little and you used to go to the Drive-In? All the kids would pack into the back of the station wagon in their jammies. The car would pull up into the dusty parking lot, and Dad would back the car into the spot and hook that clunky speaker onto the side of the window. It seemed to take forever as you waited until the sun went down. Anticipating that first flicker of light on the screen. You’d try to stay awake for the whole movie, snacking on treats brought from home.

Well, Alfredo’s Beach Club has something even better. Yes, better!

Moonlight Movies on The Beach every Tuesday and Thursday during summer. Walk, or ride your bike over to Granada Beach. Set up your chair or your blanket and settle in. Bring some dinner or some (gourmet) snacks. And even an adult beverage (disclaimer: I don’t think adult beverages are technically “allowed,” but we have been known to shun authority every now & again.)

About 3 years ago, Mr. Man and I went on one of our first dates there to see E.T. on the beach. Can you believe he was 45 and had never seen it?! We walked over to the beach early. Grabbed a spot close to the giant, inflatable screen, and parked our chairs. I think we took a bottle of wine. I remember as the sun began to set and the sky turned that magical purple, we held hands under our blanket. *sigh* Young Love.

The movies are pretty family-oriented (Big Hero 6, Despicable Me, 101 Dalmatians) but there are also those classic movies we still love as adults (Goonies, Jaws, Ferris Bueller) and lots more! There is a snack bar, and even restrooms. Movies run through August 27, so check out the schedule on the hyperlink and gather your friends or family for a night of fun on the beach!

We haven’t gone yet this year, but maybe Mr. Man and I will wander over there some night soon, and re-kindle those early sparks…

The Boob Tube


I was thinking about TV and the term “Boob Tube” popped into my head. After it made me feel old (because I don’t think people use that term anymore,) I wondered how it originated. The “Tube” part, I know. Because TVs used to have tubes in them (waaaaay before my time!) But the “Boob”part? So I went to the trusty ol’ interwebs and looked it up. “Boob” was/is a term for a stupid person. So whoever coined this phrase obviously thought TVs are for idiots. Whatever.

And can they still be called “Boob Tubes” if they don’t have tubes in them any more?

Anyhoo, the reason I was thinking about TV is because we have been without ours for about a week, thanks to some roofing being done on our apartment building. Well, the TV is still here – obvs – but our dish has been down. I used to think that we watched a lot of TV. Almost even (gasp!) too much. But I honestly haven’t missed it all that terribly. We watched some movies, and a couple shows online. But, it has been luxuriously quiet around here. I might even be able to actually live without TV! Maybe I should try it for more than a week?

But that’s not going to happen any time soon. They are coming back tomorrow to re-install the dish.

I’m secretly excited…