The Boob Tube


I was thinking about TV and the term “Boob Tube” popped into my head. After it made me feel old (because I don’t think people use that term anymore,) I wondered how it originated. The “Tube” part, I know. Because TVs used to have tubes in them (waaaaay before my time!) But the “Boob”part? So I went to the trusty ol’ interwebs and looked it up. “Boob” was/is a term for a stupid person. So whoever coined this phrase obviously thought TVs are for idiots. Whatever.

And can they still be called “Boob Tubes” if they don’t have tubes in them any more?

Anyhoo, the reason I was thinking about TV is because we have been without ours for about a week, thanks to some roofing being done on our apartment building. Well, the TV is still here – obvs – but our dish has been down. I used to think that we watched a lot of TV. Almost even (gasp!) too much. But I honestly haven’t missed it all that terribly. We watched some movies, and a couple shows online. But, it has been luxuriously quiet around here. I might even be able to actually live without TV! Maybe I should try it for more than a week?

But that’s not going to happen any time soon. They are coming back tomorrow to re-install the dish.

I’m secretly excited…


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