Movie Night!


Remember when you were little and you used to go to the Drive-In? All the kids would pack into the back of the station wagon in their jammies. The car would pull up into the dusty parking lot, and Dad would back the car into the spot and hook that clunky speaker onto the side of the window. It seemed to take forever as you waited until the sun went down. Anticipating that first flicker of light on the screen. You’d try to stay awake for the whole movie, snacking on treats brought from home.

Well, Alfredo’s Beach Club has something even better. Yes, better!

Moonlight Movies on The Beach every Tuesday and Thursday during summer. Walk, or ride your bike over to Granada Beach. Set up your chair or your blanket and settle in. Bring some dinner or some (gourmet) snacks. And even an adult beverage (disclaimer: I don’t think adult beverages are technically “allowed,” but we have been known to shun authority every now & again.)

About 3 years ago, Mr. Man and I went on one of our first dates there to see E.T. on the beach. Can you believe he was 45 and had never seen it?! We walked over to the beach early. Grabbed a spot close to the giant, inflatable screen, and parked our chairs. I think we took a bottle of wine. I remember as the sun began to set and the sky turned that magical purple, we held hands under our blanket. *sigh* Young Love.

The movies are pretty family-oriented (Big Hero 6, Despicable Me, 101 Dalmatians) but there are also those classic movies we still love as adults (Goonies, Jaws, Ferris Bueller) and lots more! There is a snack bar, and even restrooms. Movies run through August 27, so check out the schedule on the hyperlink and gather your friends or family for a night of fun on the beach!

We haven’t gone yet this year, but maybe Mr. Man and I will wander over there some night soon, and re-kindle those early sparks…


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