Bike Path on the Beach


Although it was still pretty hot today, I feel like the humidity was a bit lower, making a short bike ride seem tolerable. I enjoy the bike path on the beach, officially titled the “Shoreline Pedestrian Bikepath” (I had to look that one up.) It runs from 54th Place – right at the end of BS before the Peninsula – and goes aaall the way out to the Long Beach Shoreline Marina. You’ll get a nice view of the Queen Mary if you go all the way to the end. I think it’s about 4.3 miles, according to the app I use.

They have recently expanded the Pedestrian Bikepath. There is now a new 5-foot wide lane for pedestrians, and two 6-foot wide lanes for wheels (bikes, blades, boards) that run in each direction. I really like the updated path, for both walking and biking. Sometimes, you get those darn tourists out on the bike path that aren’t paying attention, and it’s all it takes not to run one over! The new pedestrian lane helps corral them in the walking side.

So, were you paying attention to what you were reading? I said I went for a “short” bike ride today. Not all the way to the end. Just enough to clear out the cobwebs and make myself feel good for doing something “healthy” today. It’s always great to get out for a ride along the beach, no matter how short or how long it is. But, one may find – if one chooses to think like me – that a ride aaall the way out to the end should be rewarded with a cold adult beverage, before the return trip. A frosty brew at one of the establishments at Shoreline Village always hits the spot! In fact, I don’t think we have any plans this weekend. Maybe another bike ride is in my near future…


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