Power On!


OK, remember that huge power outage downtown last week? It lasted like 3-4 days. Well, a lot of businesses suffered financial losses during that time, and their employees also suffered loss of wages. So, this weekend, The City of Long Beach and The Downtown Long Beach Business Associates are partnering together to show city-wide support for the downtown neighborhood with Black(out) Friday.

All DTLB parking meters will be turned off for the weekend. This free parking encourages our community to go downtown and support the local businesses. And, to kick off the weekend, Summer and Music (SAM) is hosting a Bicycle Drive-In on Friday (today) night. It’s FREE! They will be showing The Wizard of Oz, with live music and craft beer (and y’all know my propensity for craft beer!) Plus, if you enjoy a staycation as much as I do, you will be happy to know that the Renaissance Hotel and Hotel Maya are both offering deals for locals this weekend, too!

So, I’ll be venturing away from the BS to show some love to those downtown peeps. Neighbors should all support each other. You never know when you may need someone to help you out…


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