I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can….. oh, sorry. That song always gets stuck in my head when people are talking about the appropriateness of wearing eyewear.

I came across this little comic on Facebook; I think it was from lifehacker. At first, I just kind of chuckled at it. But I never really thought about proper sunglass etiquette. I am “supposed” to wear my sunglasses at all times when I am outside. I rarely do. When I remember to, they usually just end up on top of my head, and stay there whether I am inside or outside. According to this Always/Sometimes/Never matrix, that is a faux pas. It’s OK for me to put them on top of my head if I’m outside, but I guess I’m supposed to take them off my head and put them away somewhere when I go into a building. Sheesh. Really?!

I do, however, highly approve of the “Never” category. Especially the first two sketches.

Sunglasses are a fun accessory. Wear ’em. Don’t wear ’em. Whatever. I’m heading outside. Now, where did I put those  things…?


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