Comedy of Errors


Mr. Man and I decided to head out today for a little Sunday Funday. Since we knew adult beverages were going to be involved, we decided it would be best to take public transportation. It was a beautiful day, so why not hit up the water taxi to take us over to Shoreline Village?

We walked over to Belmont Pier, only to find that the Aquilink was out of service this week. Bummed, but still wanting to go out, we decided just to hop on the bus. This meant first stopping in Von’s Market to buy something so we could get change. Then waiting 20 minutes for the next bus to come by.

We’re on the bus, debating which stop we need to get off. After not getting off the one I thought we should, we hopped off at the next stop. Then, we needed to get on the (free) Passport. There was a stop across the street, but we weren’t sure in which direction it was heading, as we didn’t get off on our usual stop. So, we walked over to the Passport stop, only to find out that was no longer in service. Sheesh! At this point, we decided just to walk down Pine Ave. to Shoreline Village. I felt like a couple of idiots.

We had a lovely day away from BS. Shoreline Village was pretty crowded, but it’s always a great place to go for a walk and lunch by the water. And, we maneuvered the bus routes on the way home like a couple of pros. Still looking forward to getting out on the water for a little boat ride, though. Maybe next weekend…


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