Secret Garden


I love all of the little urban gardens scattered throughout the neighborhood. I’ll be just taking a walk, and suddenly, a sunflower will pop out at me to say hello. Or a citrus tree with fruit so plump and juicy, its hard to resist. Any scant patch of grass or dirt has potential. A row of pots lined up on a balcony railing filled with vines that cascade down like waterfalls. A haphazard collection of containers bursting with fresh herbs. A planter box along the sidewalk brimming with brightly colored blossoms. A small square of earth laden with shades of green. Flowers, plants, vegetables, even grasses.

I love that people take the time to share their talent and all of this beauty. But I have to wonder if they do it for themselves, just to brighten up their home? Just to enjoy their hobby? Or for people like me who wander by and admire these small parcels?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. I enjoy these diminutive oases and will continue to let them surprise me…


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