Inn or Out?


I love me some daytime drinking, especially during the week. Well, also on the weekend. Anytime, I guess! I’ll summon my Drinking Buddy, and we’ll wander 2nd Street, enjoying some adult beverages and snacks. Grabbing tables outside where we can.

Lately, for some reason, I have become kind of obsessed with Acapulco Inn. Let me tell you about this place. There are pool tables and a shuffleboard game (I think) and some digital sports games. I have played pool there once, a loooong time ago when Mr. Man and I started dating. They have a jukebox. They serve some kind of food. I do not go there for any of these things.

I like to go there because they have awesome picnic tables outside. Nothing like enjoying a frosty brew (they don’t serve hard liquor,) at a picnic table in the sunshine. It’s great people-watching and completely low-key. Some might even label A.I. as a dive bar. I don’t know. I don’t care.

So, I have taken to dragging Drinking Buddy there just about every time we go out now. Usually just for one beer, then we’re off to the next place. But I get in my sunshine and beer fix. I actually hope I *haven’t* convinced you that you want to go here, because I want to make sure I can always score a picnic table…


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