Farmers Market Fun


I love Farmers Markets! I love that there are so many so close to Belmont Shore. There is probably one every day of the week.

I tend to wander around and check out everything before I commit to making a purchase. I might see some beautiful berries and snatch them up right away, only to find them a dollar less down the way. Or tomatoes. So sweet and juicy and still warm from the summer sun. But then, those ones are even sweeter. So, I am probably overly judicious about my decisions, but I’m in no hurry, anyways.

I have to say, I am one of “those” people who takes photos at the farmers market. And I sometimes wonder if I am annoying people. I found this article about how some of the vendors feel, and I think I’m safe.

My biggest problem is over-buying. Everything looks and smells so beautiful! I just need to make a plan for the week…


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