Hello, Neighbor!


OK, so I admit, I am a little behind the 8-ball on this one. I just found out tomorrow (the first Tuesday of August) is National Night Out. You can check out the website for the official definition, but it is basically neighbors coming together in front lawns, or on stoops and sidewalks all across the country to promote neighborhood camaraderie.

What?! This is amazing! I love camaraderie! And, I have to admit, I don’t “know” all of my neighbors all that well. It’s difficult when you live in a transient building where nobody stays for more than a year. But I try. And, really, that’s all we can do.

So, order up a bunch of pizzas and grab some beers and soda. Set up everything outside in the public area of your choice. Better yet, get the grill going. That is always a conversation starter. It doesn’t have to be something “official.” Just get things started, and see who stops by…


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