Happy National Oyster Day! IDK who comes up with these “national” holidays, or how legit they are. I’ll use any excuse official reason to celebrate!

Oysters, I think, are a love/hate food. People either love ’em, or they hate ’em. I guess it’s probably a textural thing. Which is interesting, because I get that with some foods, but not oysters. Anything that reminds me of the ocean is A+ in my book! (ew, did I really just say that?) I love ’em! That cold, creamy texture, with the briny bite of salt water. Put a little dab of horseradish or some tangy mignonette and I am good to go!

“Give me oysters and beer for dinner every day of the year, and I’ll feel fine.” Great line from a great Jimmy Buffet song. So, I guess I’m off to find some fresh oysters (and beer of course!) It’s my duty as an American, after all…


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