Uncorked (kinda’)


Brix at the Shore is this cute little wine bar almost at the very end of 2nd Street that we love to hang out at. Wait. What? A wine bar? Well, yeah. They have beer there, too, of course! Not that I have any kind of aversion to wine. It’s just more of the kind of beverage you enjoy with an evening meal, maybe even on a special occasion.

Anyhoo, Brix is a wine bar, but so much more. As I mentioned, they have a great selection of craft beers on tap. But their food. New York deli-style sandwiches piled high with pastrami. Burgers. Garlic fries. Home made pretzels. Fried pickles. ah, I could go on and on. They also have a great weekend “Disco Brunch;” mirrored ball on the ceiling, and everything.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, they have live music. They have wine tastings. They even have a small outdoor area if you want to go hang out with your pooch. If you’re lucky, Rick the owner will be there to greet you with a tasteless cheesy joke.

So, go for the wine, and stay for the beer! Or something like that…


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