Birds of a Feather


Did you know there are feral parrots in BS? I’ve heard that they are technically South American mitred parakeets and/or conures, but I call them parrots. I’m no ornithologist.

If you haven’t seen them, I’m sure you have heard their cacophony. They live in and travel in flocks of at least 20 or so. They fly around wildly, darting and swooping through the group. All the time, squawking and chatting loudly.

It’s almost like they go to work for the day because you can hear them early in the morning, then again in the evening. An article I found in the OC Register said, “They typically gather in large flocks early in the morning and then again at dusk before returning to their roosting sites.” But it never says where they go.

I see them upside-down a lot. Hanging from the power lines or off of roofs (they sometimes nest in building vents.) They have been around since about the 1980s, although no one is exactly sure how they got here.

They must know that I am writing about them, because I hear them cackling even as I type this. So, keep an eye out for these brightly colored guys. And let me know if you figure out where they go all the time…


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