Summertime, and The Living’s Easy…


I keep hearing how Summer is over. Or almost over.

Fall doesn’t start until September 23. That’s like a month and a half away. And, um, we live in California, people! Is Summer ever really over?! I guess maybe it’s just Back To School season. IDK, it’s been a while since I was in school.

There are still luscious heirloom tomatoes to be eaten. And water taxis to be taken. And, oh so many festivals and celebrations! Today, I went for a walk on the beach in the glorious sunshine. I made a tomato and basil crustless quiche for breakfasts. We had fresh, light lettuce cups for dinner. There are movies playing on the beach. The fan is quietly whirring in the background, and salt air is drifting in through the open windows.

Sounds like Summer to me…


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