OPA! (or: It’s Too Hot To Do Anything)


I don’t have to tell y’all how hot it is. Even at the Shore. Too hot to go out. Too hot to cook. Almost too hot to eat. Almost.

Mr. and I were lounging on the sofa, with the fan on full speed, watching football (it’s too hot for football.) Eventually, we have to eat. You know that cute little restaurant on 2nd Street with the outdoor tables and the blue and white checkered table cloths? Yeah, George’s Greek Cafe. They deliver!

Their food is really good. I have a penchant for gyros. And of course they have lamb. Tons of vegetarian options. And a vast assortment of appetizers. Sometimes, I just have appetizers for dinner. It happens. Tonight was a fresh, light salad (um with gyro meat. So?!)

So, if you haven’t been there, GO! Or, if it’s too hot, order. Now, back to the fan…


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