Say Cheese!


I love cheese. I. Love. Cheese. I could eat it every day. I probably do.

Cheese Addiction is this cute, little cheese shop tucked away on one of the side streets just off of 2nd Street. They have everything (if they don’t, they’ll get it for you.) And, they have everything to go with it. Bread, crostini, crackers, olives, dried fruits and fruit spreads, honey, salumi, and so on.

They’re super-knowledgable. Your receipt gives you a brief summary of what you chose, and suggestions for what to pair it with. They keep a record of our purchases, so they can remember what you like. ooh! They also have cheese tastings and classes. Because you can never know too much about cheese!

So wander down there, and pick out a nice little spread that will be perfect for a no-cook dinner on a sticky day like today…


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