Wing Nut


Cover anything in buffalo sauce, and I will probably eat it. Well, maybe not mushrooms, but anything else. Point is, I love it! The spicier, the better. Let me tell you, Dogz has THE BEST wings, hands down! (I always thought that idiom came from poker, but apparently, has its origins in horse racing. huh.)

They’re meaty. They’re crispy. They’re saucy. They’re spicy. All of these are imperative for delectable wings. They could be a tad spicier, but they do have great flavor with a bit of kick.

Wednesdays are Wingzdays. $0.50 a piece. Yeah, pretty good deal. Plus they have a ton of other mouth-watering snacks. I highly suggest the mini corndogs. Oh, and Happy Hour is from 4:00 – 7:00 every day. Every. day. They have a range of beers; that’s a Racer 5 IPA peeking out in the top corner. And one particular bartender (sorry, I can’t give away all of my secrets!) makes some mean cocktails.

So, finish up what you’re doing and head down the street. Don’t worry, I saved you some…


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