Guys, please tell me you have been to Stroll and Savor! It’s kinda like one of those “Taste Of…” things. It costs $10 for a sheet of 12 tickets. Something like 40+ restaurants set up out on the sidewalk, and you get to Stroll down 2nd Street and Savor samples of their food. Musical entertainment is provided by local bands on a couple of the side streets.

Now, this is a superb event for both regulars and newbies. If you aren’t  familiar with all of the restaurants, you can explore the food options from many of the establishments. Greek, Mexican, Thai, American, and everything in between. Plus sweets too. If you are familiar with the restaurants, and you just like to graze nibble (like me,) this is the perfect opportunity!

It takes place from 5:30 – 9:00. We like to go early and have a few adult beverages before hand. We also like to make some adult beverage pit stops in between Savoring. Ya’ gotta’ stay hydrated. I can’t tell you what is a must-try. It’s all yummy. Although I always end up getting a piece of that delicious pizza from Domenico’s (see my IG.) Some of the places even bust out some food that’s not on their regular menu.

It’s Wednesdays and Thursdays once a month in the Summer. There is only one more left! I didn’t see you there last night, so I’m assuming you’re going tonight…


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