Beer Here!


Mr. and I went to Taste of Brews yesterday. I think it’s my favorite non-BS event of the year. (Actually, don’t tell anybody, but it’s simply my favorite event of the year.)

Your ticket gets you either 3 hours or 4 hours of unlimited tasting. Guess which one we chose?! There is a fantastic assortment of craft breweries, and you get a mini-mug for your samples. Food trucks are scattered throughout the area. Free water (it gets hot out there!) Two live bands. I have to give a shout out to RedEye Redemption, a kind of reggae/ska/rock band who was performing there. Think Sublime or The Dirty Heads.

And, the venue. It’s at Lighthouse Park (officially known as Shoreline Aquatic Park,) so it’s just a short Uber ride from BS. You are on this beautiful little island, surrounded by water, just under the lighthouse. You get to wander around for 4 hours, drinking unlimited samples of delicious beer. You can get yummy snacks from the food trucks. There’s live music playing in the background. It doesn’t get any better than that. I only wish they held it more than once a year…


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