We’ve Got It All Wrong


“A case of the Mondays.” “Back to the grind.” “Manic Monday.” “The Monday blues.” “I hate Mondays,” (yes, I just quoted Garfield.) Nobody really likes Monday. But, I’ve realized, we’ve got it all wrong.

Everyone loves New Years!!! They get dressed in their finest to go out and paint the town or hit up the glorious parties. They make resolutions to have a better year. They pledge to lose weight or start a new hobby or start being nicer to their cranky old neighbor. People live for all of that crap retrospective evaluation for New Years.

So, why not celebrate New Week? Mondays don’t have to suck. Make a plan to do just one teeny new thing each week. Or to not do something. Buy a coffee for your co-worker on Monday. Indulge in a bubble bath. Don’t eat that doughnut. Run an extra mile. Bake cookies for that cranky old neighbor. Whatever it is, you should thank Monday for it!

Put your chin up, your shoulders back, look that Monday squarely in the eye each week and GO FOR IT…


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