Quick Fix


Lately, we have been having issues with our house key fitting in the back door. The other day, I was loaded down with groceries, standing in the sun, sweating as I struggled to get the key in.  grrrrr!! I mentioned to Mr. that one of us should pick up some WD-40. I have no idea how much that stuff costs. Probably like 5 bucks. So, we’ll buy a can, use it once, then the stupid can will probably sit on the back of some shelf for forever.

As I was going out the back door doing laundry today (and leaving the door unlocked as I did it,) I see the dozen or so bottles of olive oil sitting on the kitchen counter. Right next to the back door. This is where the lightbulb goes off.

Pour a little oil on a paper towel. Rub it on the key, Insert key into lock. Voila! Lock is fixed. Now, I’m not saying I’m the first one that ever thought of this. But the first one in this house…


Breaking News: The BS Report


Gotta have your cuppa joe first thing in the morning? Of – if you’re like me – all throughout the day? Well, here’s some good news. Today is National Coffee Day, and coffee houses all across the nation are offering free or discounted coffee! WOOT!

Here are some places in and around BS where you can score some: The Coffee Bean is offering half off their iced coffee drinks (coz if you haven’t noticed, it’s still like 90 degrees out.) Peet’s Coffee and Tea (yep, there’s one right on 2nd Street) is offering FREE coffee. Duncan Donuts is offering FREE hot or iced coffee. Whole Foods has a 12.oz. cup for only a quarter until the end of the month.

So, if you need that buzz to keep you going, now you know where you can get it on the cheap…

Lucky Duck


Mr. and I had a family filled weekend, and it made me realize how lucky we are. Lucky to have loved ones to share our lives with. Lucky to live where we do.

Saturday evening, we celebrated one of Mr.’s relative’s Birthday with an evening dinner cruise. Out on the calm waters with crystal clear skies, and a cool breeze. Yummy food, refreshing adult beverages, upbeat music. Great conversation and lots of laughs.

I had some relatives visiting the area, and we got together today. They are spending one night on the Queen Mary, so we met up with them there, and hung out a bit. Then, went out to lunch (and beer, of course!) Being their first trip to Cali (from the East Coast,) they had lots of questions. About the port and the containers and the cranes. About the beaches, the mountains, and the weather; our apartment, Belmont Shore. About the neighborhoods, and different cities in SoCal.

As I answered their questions, and showed them around a bit, it reminded me how lucky I am to live here. And of the many reasons I love California, and especially BS…

Team Spirit!


Nope, this is not about that Nirvana song. This is serious today, folks. Tomorrow is the Team Spirit Long Beach Breast & Ovarian Cancer 5K & 10K! It’s not too late to join, just register at the event. The run/walk takes place at 8:00 am at Granada Beach on Saturday, September 26.

Funds are being raised to benefit breast and ovarian support programs at the MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Memorial. These funds enable Long Beach Memorial to offer care programs for breast and ovarian cancer patients and their families living in and around our community.

Walk in memory of those who have courageously gone before us, for those fighting every day and for those who have not yet started their fight. Or show up along the route to offer your support to these men and women participating…

Autumnal Equinox


The Autumnal Equinox occurred at 1:21 this morning. What does that mean for you? It’s Fall. I grew up in the Northeast where Fall actually meant something. New jeans and sweaters for back to school. Boots. Cozy weekends by the fireplace. A palette of colorful leaves. It was chilly, but still sunny enough to be cozy.

Everything is green and vibrant, thriving. I would have passed out if I wore jeans, a sweater and boots today! It was like 90. But there is one sign of Fall that I feel is universal. Pumpkin Spice Everything. blurg! I was in the store a few days ago and it was insane how many things they Pumpkin Spiced. I’m not really a fan of it to begin with, but they have gotten carried away.

So, let me enjoy my shorts, tank top and flip-flops. The sunshine. The beach. The verdant foliage. And my non-Pumpkin Spiced ____________ …

The Cone Zone


It’s National Ice Cream Cone Day! mmmm, I could eat ice cream almost every day. Anything from a simple vanilla to something chocolatey and loaded with peanut butter, cookie dough, brownies, fudge, caramel; as long as there’s no nuts.

BS has quite a few ice cream places to indulge. In no particular order, there’s Paradis. They have homemade ice cream with fresh ingredients, and sorbet, and they even have vegan options. There’s Creamistry, where they make the newfangled nitrogen ice cream. They also have non-dairy sorbet, vegan and gluten-free options. Yogurtland is yummy, too. They are currently having a toppings contest; you can win free Yogurtland for a year!  And don’t forget about the Thrifty Ice Cream inside Rite Aid, they have been around for like 60 years.

They each sound so good, I may have to hit ’em all up! Just kidding. No I’m not. So get out there and enjoy this special day, after all, it is the last official day of Summer. What better way to celebrate…

Swan Song


Early this Spring, I went to a brunch on an urban farm. Talk about farm to table eating! It was truly a feast for the senses. Anyhoo, I received a pepper plant as a parting gift. Actually, two because they supposedly do better together (codependent much?) I was wary, because I do not have a green thumb.

Well, I was thrilled to see the first two little buds forming a couple of months ago! And, I have since harvested a total of – wait for it – four peppers! Two from each plant; they are each a different varietal of a jalapeño. They were tiny, yet mighty. Fresh, crisp, spicy.

Sadly, I think the two peppers I picked a few days ago are the plant’s swan song. I believe the extreme heat we have been having was too much for the little guys. It had nothing to do with my watering capabilities or plant tending capabilities, I swear! But, the flower pot with the droopy leaves and no peppers is still sitting on my front steps, hoping for some kind of miracle from the pepper gods…

Do Not Disturb


I was texting with my friend yesterday (I’m not a phone talker,) and she asked me what was up. She said there’s always some kind of festival going on here. She was right, there was, but I wasn’t doing anything.

Sometimes, it’s nice to take a weekend “off.” There is something to be said about just lying around on the sofa. Don’t get me wrong, I did do some things; ran some errands, cooked dinner. But the majority of it has been spent doing nothing. Today will be more of the same (football!)

Just because there is something to do doesn’t mean you have to do it…

The Name Game


I stopped by the market after work today. As I was waiting at the fish counter, I heard someone behind me say, “Hello (me.)” I turned around and immediately knew that I knew this person. I could not place his name, or how I knew him. I said what’s up, and he was (thankfully) on his way.

I stood there, searching my mental database. I know him. I know his name. I know it’s been a while since I have seen him. But who is he? How do I know him? As I finished my shopping, I racked my brain. BTW, do you know where that expression originated? It’s from the torture rack. Yes. That makes perfect sense.

So, I meandered the aisles, wondering. I just couldn’t retrieve it. I know if you try not to focus on something, it will usually pop up. But I couldn’t let it go. It was soo close. I wasn’t there long, and it was time to check out. I had given up. I gathered my bags and was walking home. Just after I crossed the street, BINGO! It came to me. The blessing (and curse) of living in a small town…

Fender Bender


What’s with people these days? Is everyone in such a hurry that common courtesy has gone out the window? I was out yesterday for pre-Stroll and Savor drinks and I witnessed what I would call a hit and run.

A man in a small car was parallel parking. He slammed into the large car behind him. With enough force to shake the large car. The noise was loud enough that Drinking Buddy instinctively swiveled his head to see what happened. Got out of his car, and went on his way without even a glance at the car he hit. For some reason, I felt compelled to grab my phone and get a couple of shots of the car and the license plate. Apparently, he was only running an errand, because it wasn’t long before he returned to his car and sped away.

We asked our waitress if she happened to know the owner of the hit car. Maybe it was someone who frequented one of the establishments in the area. But, she wasn’t sure. Fortunately, we saw the owner getting into his car. We flagged him down and relayed the story. Turns out, he was a manager at a nearby local business. He was so grateful we had seen it, told him, and had the photos.

I park on the street (as do most BS residents,) and I know I have a couple of scrapes on my bumpers that I wish someone had left me a note about. So remember, just because you are in a hurry (or think no one saw it,) there is always time for civility…