Weekend Happs


OK guys. I know it’s only Thursday, but it’s a long holiday weekend (WOOT!) and there is a lot going on, if you want to get away from BS for a minute. I’m not going to get into the descriptions of all of these events coz I like to keep things short and sweet, but the websites should help.

Let’s see. There’s the Greek Festival, which is sure to offer plenty of yummy food and entertainment. Saturday is for music with Buskerfest and the City Roots Festival and Concert.  There are events all weekend at the Queen Mary with the more refined Art Deco Festival, the rockin 2-day Shoreline Jam (which I know from experience has a bar and is tons of fun,) and their Champagne Sunday Brunch. For a different feel, check out the New Blues Festival, which is also 2 days. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the 80’s, head over to the screening of (one of my all time favorite movies,) Heathers at the appropriate venue of Sunnyside Cemetery on Saturday evening. Finally, (whew!) if you want to have a little weekend getaway, Fiesta Hermosa is going on all weekend in Hermosa Beach. We went a few years ago by accident and it was a blast! The whole town is out and about.

That covers most of it. I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t know everything! So, get out your calendar and figure out what you’re going to do this weekend. Or, you can just crash your neighbor’s cookout…


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