New Kid in Town


If you’ve been on 2nd Street lately you may have noticed a new establishment, Saint and Second. Here’s the thing – it’s not really new. It’s owned by the Hofman Hospitality Group. You know, the people who run restaurants like Hof’s Hut, and Lucille’s. So, technically, even though this is a new building, The Hofman Group opened its first restaurant on that site over 60 years ago.

Anyhoo, after walking by and watching the renovations unfold for months, they finally opened a few weeks ago. Drinking Buddy and I stopped in on the second (we didn’t want to seem too eager and go on the first!) day they opened. We headed straight for the loungey deck on the second floor. Fantastic view of 2nd Street, incredible (yes, incredible) cocktails, and bar snacks.

After that initial tease, I knew this is a place we would be returning to often, if only for that deck. But I also knew I wanted to give it the full once-over. So Mr. and I went and did it right. Drinks and a snack on the deck. Then, headed inside for dinner. The interior is stylish, with reclaimed wood walls, vintage lights, and industrial details. The highlight of the bar area, and maybe the entire first floor, is the copper beer lines gracefully curving down from the ceiling. We had more drinks, two appetizers, and each had a meal. Everything was delicious!

Saint and Second prides themselves on local and organic ingredients highlighted in their seasonal plates. Even their spirits are from artisanal distillers (no Jack Daniel’s or Grey Goose here, folks.) Their service was as welcome as their sustenance, and we are definitely looking forward to going back…


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