Football Night!


I have a confession. I love football! (That’s not it.) I grew up on the east coast and spent every Sunday watching football. Dad would be parked in his La-Z-Boy, and there would usually be a fire sparking and popping in the fireplace. The smell of chili or stew drifting in from the kitchen. I’m sure my brother and Mom were there, too but I remember it more as Dad-and-me time.

Of course, I have the NFL Ticket, so I can watch any game I want to in real-time. But sometimes, it’s nice to get out and be with a bunch of other sports-minded people. There are great places in BS to catch a game, like Belmont Brewing or Riley’s, just to name a couple. But – here comes the confession – my favorite place to watch football (besides my house) is Gallagher’s on Broadway. It’s not that far from BS. Lots of big screens, sound on, good selection of beer, yummy football snacks. Fun people!

So, I’m excited that football season starts today! Yes, I’ll be watching it from home, but I’m sure at some point in the season, I will also be venturing out…


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