Fins Up!


Did you go to the Car Show today? It was hot, but it was fun! I’m not one of those “car people.” I couldn’t tell you what year that Mustang or Cadillac is, or what’s so special about that engine inside it. But there were some pretty gorgeous vehicles out there.

It’s one of the few times 2nd Street is closed to traffic. The Belmont Shore Business Association’s website makes note that approximately 40,000 cars drive up and down 2nd Street each day. They also note that over 40,000 people attend this event each year. Interesting.


Anyhoo, there was a huge assortment of cars: the classic California Woody, muscle cars, low riders, convertibles, coupes, and more. Many of the vehicles were customized, one-of-a-kinds. Some were for sale. There were also vendors and food booths. Plus, all of the eclectic shops and restaurants were open for business as usual. It screams for a SundayFunday of meandering, stopping off for an adult beverage or a snack, then hitting the streets again (repeat as needed.)

BS was poppin’ today, folks! There were a lot of people, and they were eating, drinking, shopping, laughing, socializing, and much more. A great day for all of the businesses. So, while I may not be a “car person,” I can see no better reason to get out and enjoy my neighborhood…


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