Fender Bender


What’s with people these days? Is everyone in such a hurry that common courtesy has gone out the window? I was out yesterday for pre-Stroll and Savor drinks and I witnessed what I would call a hit and run.

A man in a small car was parallel parking. He slammed into the large car behind him. With enough force to shake the large car. The noise was loud enough that Drinking Buddy instinctively swiveled his head to see what happened. Got out of his car, and went on his way without even a glance at the car he hit. For some reason, I felt compelled to grab my phone and get a couple of shots of the car and the license plate. Apparently, he was only running an errand, because it wasn’t long before he returned to his car and sped away.

We asked our waitress if she happened to know the owner of the hit car. Maybe it was someone who frequented one of the establishments in the area. But, she wasn’t sure. Fortunately, we saw the owner getting into his car. We flagged him down and relayed the story. Turns out, he was a manager at a nearby local business. He was so grateful we had seen it, told him, and had the photos.

I park on the street (as do most BS residents,) and I know I have a couple of scrapes on my bumpersΒ that I wish someone had left me a note about. So remember, just because you are in a hurry (or think no one saw it,) there is always time for civility…


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