The Name Game


I stopped by the market after work today. As I was waiting at the fish counter, I heard someone behind me say, “Hello (me.)” I turned around and immediately knew that I knew this person. I could not place his name, or how I knew him. I said what’s up, and he was (thankfully) on his way.

I stood there, searching my mental database. I know him. I know his name. I know it’s been a while since I have seen him. But who is he? How do I know him? As I finished my shopping, I racked my brain. BTW, do you know where that expression originated? It’s from the torture rack. Yes. That makes perfect sense.

So, I meandered the aisles, wondering. I just couldn’t retrieve it. I know if you try not to focus on something, it will usually pop up. But I couldn’t let it go. It was soo close. I wasn’t there long, and it was time to check out. I had given up. I gathered my bags and was walking home. Just after I crossed the street, BINGO! It came to me. The blessing (and curse) of living in a small town…


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