Swan Song


Early this Spring, I went to a brunch on an urban farm. Talk about farm to table eating! It was truly a feast for the senses. Anyhoo, I received a pepper plant as a parting gift. Actually, two because they supposedly do better together (codependent much?) I was wary, because I do not have a green thumb.

Well, I was thrilled to see the first two little buds forming a couple of months ago! And, I have since harvested a total of – wait for it – four peppers! Two from each plant; they are each a different varietal of a jalapeño. They were tiny, yet mighty. Fresh, crisp, spicy.

Sadly, I think the two peppers I picked a few days ago are the plant’s swan song. I believe the extreme heat we have been having was too much for the little guys. It had nothing to do with my watering capabilities or plant tending capabilities, I swear! But, the flower pot with the droopy leaves and no peppers is still sitting on my front steps, hoping for some kind of miracle from the pepper gods…


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