The Cone Zone


It’s National Ice Cream Cone Day! mmmm, I could eat ice cream almost every day. Anything from a simple vanilla to something chocolatey and loaded with peanut butter, cookie dough, brownies, fudge, caramel; as long as there’s no nuts.

BS has quite a few ice cream places to indulge. In no particular order, there’s Paradis. They have homemade ice cream with fresh ingredients, and sorbet, and they even have vegan options. There’s Creamistry, where they make the newfangled nitrogen ice cream. They also have non-dairy sorbet, vegan and gluten-free options. Yogurtland is yummy, too. They are currently having a toppings contest; you can win free Yogurtland for a year!  And don’t forget about the Thrifty Ice Cream inside Rite Aid, they have been around for like 60 years.

They each sound so good, I may have to hit ’em all up! Just kidding. No I’m not. So get out there and enjoy this special day, after all, it is the last official day of Summer. What better way to celebrate…


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