Lucky Duck


Mr. and I had a family filled weekend, and it made me realize how lucky we are. Lucky to have loved ones to share our lives with. Lucky to live where we do.

Saturday evening, we celebrated one of Mr.’s relative’s Birthday with an evening dinner cruise. Out on the calm waters with crystal clear skies, and a cool breeze. Yummy food, refreshing adult beverages, upbeat music. Great conversation and lots of laughs.

I had some relatives visiting the area, and we got together today. They are spending one night on the Queen Mary, so we met up with them there, and hung out a bit. Then, went out to lunch (and beer, of course!) Being their first trip to Cali (from the East Coast,) they had lots of questions. About the port and the containers and the cranes. About the beaches, the mountains, and the weather; our apartment, Belmont Shore. About the neighborhoods, and different cities in SoCal.

As I answered their questions, and showed them around a bit, it reminded me how lucky I am to live here. And of the many reasons I love California, and especially BS…


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