Quick Fix


Lately, we have been having issues with our house key fitting in the back door. The other day, I was loaded down with groceries, standing in the sun, sweating as I struggled to get the key in.  grrrrr!! I mentioned to Mr. that one of us should pick up some WD-40. I have no idea how much that stuff costs. Probably like 5 bucks. So, we’ll buy a can, use it once, then the stupid can will probably sit on the back of some shelf for forever.

As I was going out the back door doing laundry today (and leaving the door unlocked as I did it,) I see the dozen or so bottles of olive oil sitting on the kitchen counter. Right next to the back door. This is where the lightbulb goes off.

Pour a little oil on a paper towel. Rub it on the key, Insert key into lock. Voila! Lock is fixed. Now, I’m not saying I’m the first one that ever thought of this. But the first one in this house…

2 thoughts on “Quick Fix

  1. I must try this. Ever since we gave my dad a key to our house our own keys don’t slide right in like they used to. I think he forced his in the lock once ruining it so now I always have trouble with my key. Still unlocks but just doesn’t go in as smooth.


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