I think most people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And I am not trying to depreciate that in any way. I just thought I might bring awareness to a couple of other causes this month. October is also Pit Bull Awareness month and Adopt a Shelter Dog month.

Pit Bulls have been given a bad rap. Breed discrimination. Discrimination is unacceptable under any circumstance. Look at that sweet girl’s face! She is 85 pounds and thinks she’s a lap dog. She is a lover and a kisser. We are the voice for her and other pitties to educate the public about both the breed in general and responsible ownership.

It just so happens, she was a shelter dog. There is a reason they call it “rescuing” a dog. But, you’ll not just be saving a dog’s life, you will be improving your own! But wait, you live in BS. In an apartment. No Pets Allowed. Bummer, I know. Petfinder has a whole list of ways you can help if you can’t have a dog, or just can’t afford one.

So, spread the word. Spread the love. At the very least, give a pup some extra scratches being the ears this month…


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