Narwhals. A whale with a tusk. Like a unicorn. Seems like it could only be some kind of mythological creature, but they do exist. And I’m kind of obsessed with fascinated by them.

The tusk is actually an enlarged tooth that grows out through their upper lip. Usually only males have them. The second tooth normally remains dormant, but sometimes, it will grow, as well, and males will end up with two tusks. The tusk can grow as long as 10 feet long. They’re pretty large animals. They can weigh up to 4200 pounds, and grow up to almost 20 feet. They’re peaceful animals, and pretty social; they travel in pods. They eat seafood (duh!)

The thing is, they live in Arctic waters near Greenland, Canada, and Russia. um, it’s pretty cold up there, and I don’t do cold. So, I guess I will have to continue my narwhal “research” from afar…


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