Way to Go!


A huge congratulations goes out to all of the participants in today’s Marathon and Half Marathon! It is not an easy task, and it was hot out there this morning. I am so impressed with their strength and determination. I was a little past the 10-mile mark, and it was incredible to see people going strong! Singing, smiling, cheering each other on. And, to think, they still had 16 miles to go.

There were about 5000 people registered for the marathon, and about 14,000 registered for the half marathon. They started this morning at Shoreline Village while it was still dark out.

The first male to cross the finish line was a Kenyan who ran the marathon in about 2 hours, 31 minutes. The first female crossed the finish line at about 2 hours, 40 minutes; she is from West Covina.

And, of course a shout-out to all of the volunteers. And to all of the people cheering alongside me. So great to be a part of the LBC offering our support  to these outstanding athletes…


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