Chalk It Up


Hey! Wanna’ show off your artistic skills and get a chance to win some cash?! This Saturday is the Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest in BS. It’s not too late to sign up, and it’s FREE to register.

You’ll actually draw on artist’s paper, which will then be affixed to the sidewalk on 2nd Street. Throughout the day, passersby will be able to check out your artwork. Awards will be presented around 4:00 at the Chase Bank. As a registered participant, you’ll even get a free yummy lunch. All of the deets are in the link above.

This Contest is sponsored by the nonprofit Community Action Team, and is part of the BSBA’s Art Walk. There’s gonna’ be all kinds of activities, including some stuff the kiddos will enjoy. Sign up and flaunt your talent. Or, plan on spending some extra time on 2nd Street if you’re heading out for shopping, or lunch, or day drinking, or just going out for a walk…

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