Favorite Things


FriYAY! This week seemed to go pretty quickly, but I’m still looking forward to a relaxing evening at home today. And that means a beer (or three.) Y’all know my affinity for IPAs; bright and citrusy with that bite of hops. The hoppier the beer, the happier the girl! HAHA I just made that up. And, I also enjoy spicy foods. Hot sauce goes on a lot of things in this house.

Bring out the Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin IPA. Best of both worlds. This San Diego brewery’s Sculpin is one of my go-to beers. The floral heat of the habanero is the perfect addition to that IPA. It’s not overpowering; you just get a little kick at the back of the throat.

According to the Ballast Point website, Habanero Sculpin is available all year long, but for some reason, I can only find it seasonally. So, when I do find it, I make sure I stock up! Not that I need an excuse to buy beer…


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