ahh Oktoberfest! Brings back memories of chilly evenings dressed in jeans and flannels. Huge mugs o’beer, giant soft pretzels, brats, and sauerkraut. Dancing with strangers under a tent to a raucous oom-pah band.

um, not so much in LBC, I guess.

Drinking Buddy and I decided to check out Oktoberfest downtown on Saturday (yes, I am backtracking a bit today, but yesterday was spent sprawled on the sofa watching football.) Live music, beer, food trucks. Sounds promising! It was small, but I think it was the inaugural LBC Oktoberfest, and sometimes fewer people is better. The beer selection was a bit limited. The music was entertaining; one of my favorite local bands that plays funky ska/rock/reggae, but, alas, is not oom-pah. Add to the fact it was pretty hot and humid, and we end up at NOToberfest.

On the other hand, there was great music. Fun people and games. Beer. Yummy food. All in all, it was an enjoyable day. Truth be told, I would probably trade one of those big soft pretzels under a cold, dark tent for day drinking under the palm trees of the sunny SoCal skies any time…


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