Fright Fest


It’s that time of the year and the zombies are out in full force! The LB Zombie Festival is a three-day invasion of all things undead. Hours are from 5 to 11 pm on Friday, 2 to 11 pm on Saturday, and 2 to 10 pm on Sunday. Guys, there is so much zombified stuff going on at this festival, I don’t even know where to start!

There are family friendly activities such as bouncy houses, pumpkin carving, and a (jello) “brain” eating contest. And there is also a cow brain eating contest for adults. yup. There will be live music and all kinds of entertainment. A haunted maze. Freak Show (my personal favorite, shh!) Fear Factor (no thank you.) Of course, there will be vendors, food, and adult beverages. And non-adult beverages. And TONS of zombies. You can dress up if you want, but it’s not mandatory. Well, it is if you want to participate in the infamous Zombie Walk on Saturday evening!

So, get out your, uh, worst attire, and express your inner gory-ness. IF you dare…


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