Treats, not Tricks!


When I was growing up, Trick or Treat was basically a free-for-all. Sure, as a young child, we’d get the little plastic pumpkin, a flashlight, and mom’s hand (dad stayed home to pass out candy.) But as we got a bit older, it was a pillowcase and a prayer. A small clan would wander the neighborhood, collecting so much candy that we could barely carry the bag.

That was a long time ago, and I don’t have children, but I still feel safe in saying that things, well, may not be as safe. I know people are concerned about where their children may be walking, or who they’re getting candy from from whom they are getting candy. So the Belmont Shore Business Association came up with a solution. This Saturday (Halloween, duh!,) from 4:00 – 6:00 pm, your little ghouls and goblins can walk 2nd Street in Belmont Shore to gather candy from participating businesses.

BTW, if you haven’t found a costume, Billings Paint & Hardware in BS has a TON of costumes and decorations that are actually very inexpensive. So, dress up your munchkins and let them score some sweet treats in a safe environment. Or, you could be like us and take advantage of the opportunity to do some day drinking and see cute monsters, ghosts, princesses, super heroes, butterflies, and who knows what else…


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