Mr. Nice Guy


I got into work today super early, so I decided I was going to leave a bit early. It’s FriYAY, after all! Before I could go home, I had to drop off a package for work at the post office. I parked my car at the curb, and while trying to manage the large awkward parcel, I noticed the man who was parked in front of me was standing on the curb. When I came back out, he was still standing there. I realized that the hood of his truck was open, and there were jumper cables laying on the ground.

But it’s Friday and I just want to go home and start my weekend! So, I did what any good person would do. I stopped to ask if he needed help. Of course he did. Apparently, his jumper cables didn’t even work anyways. Luckily, I had some in my trunk (Dad taught me well.) He told me he was going to be late for work, but now that I helped him, he’d still be able to make it in time. He was so grateful!

As we were wrapping up, he offered to give me his number, in case I ever needed help with anything. I just said, “no thanks, I’m good.” To which he replied, “so, you’re just being nice?” Yes. Yes, I am…


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