The Chilly Elephant


OK, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The chilly elephant. Fall has finally arrived to SoCal! We only had a small bit of rain in BS the other day. Apparently lots of people got a downpour (and still are.) For Long Beach, that bit of rain was all it took to turn the corner from Summer to Fall. I know, technically it’s been Fall for a couple of weeks. But, today, it was chilly and sunny, with just a few bursts of white puffy clouds. Today, I had to wear a hoodie.

My friend on the East Coast was complaining that it is still in the 70’s. It’s too warm for her. She is wondering where Fall is. She wants “cold” weather. And rain. Orange, brown, yellow leaves. Jackets and boots. Snuggled under a thick blanket, with hot cocoa, by a roaring fire.

We had rain. It’s “cold.” I had to sleep with a blanket on last night. I saw some lovely colors today. Neon yellows and greens, pinks and purples. And more. The autumn breeze was blowing the kiteboarders all across the ocean at Granada Beach. I’ve seen her Fall, but I like this one better…


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