Where’s The Beef?


Like probably most people in (I’m guessing) the world, Mr. and I try to eat relatively healthy for the most part. We go meatless occasionally. We enjoy veggies, lean meats, and seafood. We limit our intake of red meat. But we like red meat. So, it’s OK to indulge every now and then. And not just indulging in the food, but in the dining experience, as well. At Chianina Steakhouse, you definitely get both.

Chianina is a specialty restaurant, with only about 90 seats, including the bar. It’s named after the Italian breed of cattle, which is one of the world’s oldest breeds. They stick with local and sustainable foods. But where would you raise cows in Long Beach? And, Chianina beef is nearly impossible to find outside of Italy. So they actually breed their own Chianina cattle in Iowa, and ship them in on a regular basis. They only have a limited supply, so if you want the special cut, go early in the month!

They also feature seasonal vegetables, small plates, boutique wines, and hand crafted cocktails. And amazing desserts. They have a separate bar menu. The ambiance is modern, yet cozy. Upholstered walls with inset mirrors. And the obligatory candle light.

I know it’s technically not in BS, but it’s a short enough Uber ride. And trust me, after a full belly and those hand crafted cocktails, you will be happy you took Uber…


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