What’s Cookin’?


Well, it’s been a bit brisk lately, right? Weather like this (for me) occasionally calls for a big, warm bowl of something comforting. I’ve mentioned I like to cook. I also like to look at recipes. Yeah. I go through recipe websites like water.

A few years ago, I wanted to make a Guinness Stew for St. Patrick’s Day, and I found this recipe. I still make it all the time. I have to admit, I do improvise every now and again. So, there are just a couple tweaks I made to this: I only use half of the beef stock, and I don’t use the red wine. I prefer more of a gravy type sauce. I never have A1 on hand, so I use Worcestershire sauce. I don’t think she ever says what to do with the parsley, though it appears as if she uses it as a garnish. I just throw it all in the pot at the very last minute. Finally (I know!) when I made this last night, I used parsnips instead of potatoes. To make it “healthier.”

Even though we are in BS, we still get relatively chilly weather – although my east coast friends mock me when I say it’s chilly. So maybe on one of those “crisp” evenings, you’ll make this and feel a little comforted by it…


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