The Little Things


Everyone knows today is Black Friday. Waiting in line all night to get into that Big Box store at the crack of dawn to save hundreds of dollars on all of your Christmas presents. Fighting the crowds, throwing elbows, standing in mile-long lines. It’s exciting and exhilarating, right? No. If that’s your thing, cool. But, I prefer more of a Small Business Saturday experience.

Small Business Saturday was founded in 2010 by American Express. It’s celebrated annually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Shoppers are encouraged to patronize small, local, brick and mortar stores. You know, mom-n-pop shops. I personally try to support local businesses all through the year from everything to retail stores to restaurants to salons. I really feel that small businesses help shape the culture of the community we live in. You can get personalized service, better quality, and the feeling of knowing you are helping someone achieve their dream and be able to support their family.

The Belmont Shore Business Association is encouraging our neighbors to partake in this day by offering free 2-hour parking on Saturday! So whether you’re shopping for gifts, or just want to pick up a little something for yourself, stay local, and stay small. It’s a great excuse to go shopping…





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