Marching On


I know it’s only Thursday, but I’m going to skip ahead to the weekend. There has been a bit of sadness in my life between personal loss and local and global events, and I just can’t right now. So, we’re moving ahead to the weekend and the 33rd Annual Belmont Shore Christmas Parade!

I love a parade. There are over 100 entries this year featuring local personalities and floats. But, my favorites are the marching bands! (I guess it comes from having been in my High School band.) The crowd comes stomping down the street in unison. Maybe even a little dance step or arm swinging in there. The brass horns are all blaring majestically. The woodwinds tweeting and trilling. The drums keeping the steady beat. Don’t tell anyone, but it makes me actually like Christmas music!

The parade is this Saturday, December 5, starting at 6:00. 2nd Street will be CLOSING at 5:00 to traffic, so you can get out there and set up your chairs for a good spot along the parade route. There will be free parking in the Ocean Blvd. beach lots, if you’re coming from outside BS (and not walking.) Bring some snacks and hot cocoa. Or, if you’re like me, some adult beverages.

Did you notice it’s a Christmas parade, and not a Holiday parade? And, the theme this year is, “Miracle on 2nd Street.” hmm, I might be able to find some Christmas spirit in me, after all…



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