Spice Island


Some people swear by chicken soup as a cure for the flu. I like chicken soup, but I don’t think it’s a cure-all. For me, it’s spice that does it! And since I have been battling this cold for way too long, I decided to bring out the big guns last night. Lamb Vindaloo from Natraj of India, extra spicy. Guess what? I feel better today!

Their cuisine is amazing. Be forewarned: extra spicy truly means extra spicy. Some places claim their food is spicy, and I get it, and am like, “meh.” Not here though! But here’s the thing. You don’t have to get it spicy. There is so. Much. Flavor. in this food. And the variety. Lamb (my personal favorite,) chicken, seafood, and a ton of veggie options. ooh! and the samosas. Light and crisp pastry on the outside, with a lovely potato and pea filling inside. ooh! and the naan. (I could go on and on.)

You can feel good about going here because it’s a family owned and run restaurant. I always try to support the little guys. I have one small confession to make about this establishment, though. I have never actually been here. I have sampled their delicacies on the sidewalk at Stroll & Savor. Mr. and I have gotten delivery numerous times. But I’ve never stepped inside. I hear they have a great lunch buffet, but alas, I am stranger to that as well. Maybe someday I’ll make it in. But for now, I am more than content having it delivered to me where I can stuff my face enjoy it in the privacy of my own home…




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