Stay Small


Ah, the Christmas spending season! Schlepping to the shopping center. Driving in circles trying to find a parking spot, only to have it stolen. Battling hoards of people in the department stores. Lugging around all those bags through the hot mall. Wandering aimlessly through the parking lot, trying to find your car, while soccer mom in her huge SUV is following you like a vulture, giving you the stink eye.

No thank you. I prefer to stay small, stay local, keep it in the ‘hood. Wandering the streets, finding that perfect, unique gift at a boutique store for that special someone. Stopping for sustenance (a little snack and an adult beverage) at my local gastropub, while carolers sing in the background. Fresh air and sunshine. Where does one enjoy this you ask? Why, right here in BS!

The BSBA knows how to hook a neighbor up! Free two hour parking on Saturday and Sunday. Carolers and other live music all weekend, starting tomorrow (Friday) evening. Plus, Santa is going to be there all weekend, too! So, ditch those mega-stores. Head over to 2nd Street, and actually enjoy the experience. Heck, maybe even sit on The Big Guy’s lap, just for old time’s sake…





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