R & R


Whew! Christmas is over, and it sure took a lot out of me. I really don’t know why. I finished my shopping in a timely manner. Sure, I went grocery shopping the day before Christmas Eve (and got a lovely gift from someone who hit my car in the parking lot, and didn’t leave a note.) I had to cook on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was just for Mr. and myself but, it seemed like kind of a lot.

I was kind of exhausted come Saturday.  I guess maybe because I was off schedule? Whatever it was, I had The. Best. Holiday Weekend. Ever!  I hibernated all weekend. Did not leave the house. Stayed in my jammies, curled up on the couch, and watched cheesy Rom Coms on TV.

The R & R helped. I felt rejuvenated going back to work today. No Monday Blues, or Holiday Hangover. I have a short week again this week. While most people are probably planning their NYE party plans and outfits, I’m planning another weekend of idleness…



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