Happy New Year! I know there’s a lot going on around LB tonight, with the big party downtown, fireworks, dinners, house parties, and more. I’m sure there will be lots of adult beverages consumed. Now, I don’t want to get too preachy, but please do not drink and drive, or let anyone drink and drive. And, I have some ways to help you out with that.

Long Beach Transit is offering FREE bus service starting at 5:00, with extended hours. We’re talking like 2 a.m. Uber and Lyft will probably have spiked prices (especially during those premium hours,) so why not go with an old-fashioned taxi? Yellow Cab says that 90% of their drivers are local. You can get a business card from them and call them directly for a faster pick up. Plus, there will be taxi stands located at Ocean and Pine Downtown, and one right here in BS on 2nd Street in front of the Chase Bank.

Get out there and enjoy! Whether it’s the big Party on Pine, or a romantic dinner by the water, I hope your celebration is safe and fun. See you in the New Year…




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